Seth's KR-2S Airplane Project

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Why the KR-2S

Since the summer of 2011, I've been building a KR-2S experimental airplane in my garage.

Personally, my mission as a pilot will be to have fun on my day off, occasionally with a passenger at my side.  The KR-2S fits the mission well.  It is a relatively easy-to-build, robust, sporty, and economical plane.  An active builders' community (KRnet) was also a persuasive factor in helping me choose this plane.

The KR-2 is a 1972 design by Ken Rand and Stuart Robinson.  They were trailblazers in their day for utilizing composite foam and fiberglass construction over a wooden frame.  The KR is a proven design with many examples flying today.

Building from scratch will enable me to complete this plane for easily less than the cost of a new Harley Davidson "Fat Boy."  Scratch-building also gives me a little more freedom to customize aspects of the plane.

Builders have introduced modifications to the design over the years, some of which I will incorporate into my plane.  I won't make any modifications that have not already been flight-tested and time-proven.  For example, I'll widen the cockpit slightly for more shoulder room, lengthen the fuselage by 14", and widen the horizontal stabilizer by a foot.  I will also use a newer airfoil (wing profile) which was specifically designed for the KR-2S by a University of Illinois graduate student.

I've given myself 10 years to build this thing, but if I continue at my current pace, I might finish in seven.

I hope this site will be helpful to other builders, and perhaps inspiring to visitors who are thinking about building their own plane.  Contact me any time with questions:


 KR Plans:


Building Guides:

AC.43-13b [Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices for Airplane Inspection and Repair]

Sportplane Construction Techniques, by Tony Bingelis

Basic Aircraft Building Supplies:

Wicks Aircraft

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty

The KR Builders' Online Community:


Builders' Websites I've Found to be Particularly Helpful:

Mark Langford

Herbert Furle

Sid Wood

Dubi Gefen

Ted and Stef Den Boer (sp.?)

Mark Jones

Rob Schmitt

Robert Pesak

Christopher Pryce

Brakes, Axles and Wheels:

Tracy O'Brien

Free Cad Program:

Tiger Cad

Additional Hoses, Fittings Sources:


Summit Racing


Todd's Canopies

Aircraft Windshield Co.

Additional Metal Suppliers:

Online Metals

Metals Depot

Grainger [Stainless steel foil for firewall and exhaust protection]

Interesting Engine Options:

Aeromomentum [Suzuki based--too good to be true?  Talked to him at Airventure--has not fit his engines on faster, higher performance AC yet]

Azalea Aviation "Spyder" Corvair [A former KR builder/pilot]

William Wynne Corvair Conversions [Long experience with Corvair conversions]

Revmaster [Volkswagen conversion]

Great Plains [Volkswagen conversion]

Viking [Honda conversions]


UL Power



The Latest


October 31, 2016

The Latest:  Added pics to the following section:




Currently Working on:  Canopy, Horizontal Stabilizer




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