Seth's KR-2S Airplane Project

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Why the KR-2S

Since the summer of 2011, I've been building a KR-2S experimental airplane in my garage.

My mission as a pilot will be to have fun on my day off, occasionally with a passenger at my side.  The KR-2S fits the mission well.  It is a relatively easy-to-build, robust, sporty, and economical plane.  An active builders' community (KRnet) was also a persuasive factor in helping me choose this plane.

The KR-2 is a 1972 design by Ken Rand and Stuart Robinson.  They were trailblazers in their day for utilizing composite foam and fiberglass construction over a wooden frame.  The KR is a proven design with many examples flying today.  Several particularly beautiful new KRs have recently taken flight as of late 2021.

Building from scratch will enable me to complete this plane for less than $30,000.  Scratch-building also gives me a little more freedom to customize aspects of the plane.

Builders have introduced modifications to the design over the years, some of which I will incorporate into my plane.  I won't make any modifications that have not already been flight-tested and time-proven.  For example, I'll widen the cockpit slightly for more shoulder room, lengthen the fuselage by 14", and widen the horizontal stabilizer by a foot.  I will also use a newer airfoil (wing profile) which was specifically designed for the KR-2S by a University of Illinois graduate student.

I've given myself 10 years to build this thing, but if I continue at my current pace, I might finish in seven[Update 2021:  I'm giving myself 15 years to build this thing.]

I hope this site will be helpful to other builders, and perhaps inspiring to visitors who are thinking about building their own plane.  Contact me any time with questions:


 KR Plans:


Building Guides:

AC.43-13b [Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices for Airplane Inspection and Repair]

Sportplane Construction Techniques, by Tony Bingelis

Basic Aircraft Building Supplies:

Wicks Aircraft

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty

The KR Builders' Online Community:


Builders' Websites I've Found to be Particularly Helpful:

Mark Langford

Herbert Furle

Ted and Stef Den Boer (sp.?)

Mark Jones

Rob Schmitt

Christopher Pryce

Brakes, Axles and Wheels:

Tracy O'Brien

Free Cad Program:

Tiger Cad

Additional Hoses, Fittings Sources:


Summit Racing


Aircraft Windshield Co.

Additional Metal Suppliers:

Online Metals

Metals Depot

Interesting Engine Options:

Aeromomentum [Auto conversion]

Azalea Aviation "Spyder" Corvair [A former KR builder/pilot]

William Wynne Corvair Conversions [Long experience with Corvair conversions]

Revmaster [Volkswagen conversion]

Great Plains [Volkswagen conversion]

Viking [Honda conversions]


UL Power



The Latest


Most Recent:

Completed new gas tank (see "fuel tank" page)

Revised elevator controls (see "controls 2" and "tail 2" pages)


Initial weight and balance measurement to determine engine placement.

Front deck completion

Aileron controls completion

New tailwheel completion


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