KR Pics

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Pictures of KRs

Below are some pics of KRs that I particularly like.  Immediately below is Mark Jones'.

Mark Langford's KR-2S, powered by a Corvair engine.

Rob Schmitt's VW powered KR.  Light!

Don Laverick's Australian KR-2S.  Don is using the 5048-45 airfoil and longer wings.  This is a long-distance traveler.

Wayne Bone's KR-2S, Australian.  I'm pretty sure it's now flying.  Also has the 5048-45 airfoils.

This is not a KR--it is a beautiful CELERITY which I came across while at Airventure 2014 in Oshkosh.

Larry Flesner's O-200 powered KR-2(S)

Joe Horton's

Jeff Scott's.

Bill Clapp's Corvair-powered KR-2S.

David Goodman's Corvair-powered KR-2S.  Sharp.