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General Pics

 October 31, 2016:  Below are some general pics showing external progress up to late October, 2016.  I put both outer wings on to test washout and dihedral; everything looks good.  Then I put the front deck, canopy and turtledeck on just to have a few "motivational" pics as I head into winter.

The tallness of the canopy and turtledeck is a result of using one of Todd's "gravity stretched" canopies.  In the direct frontal view, you can see how the canopy tilts inward at a steep angle.  I had to make the canopy tall not because I needed vertical headroom (there's plenty of that), but rather for room from side to side while wearing headphones.  A formed canopy, such as a Dragonfly, allows more horizontal space with less height.  Still, I like the look of mine.  The Dragonfly canopy is significantly more expensive.


 Even though I let it dry while sitting on the fuselage after after glassing the inside, the turtledeck still bowed out a little along the whole length and is hard to squeeze back into its proper position on the top longerons.  Thus it does not fit like it should with the canopy right now.  It's a nuisance, but I already know how I'll be able to fix it pretty easily.