Controls 2

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Controls 2

Below, you see one of the two extra pulley-and-bracket compononents that I designed and mounted to the front of the rear spars to ensure good alignment for the cable as it passes through the rear spar to the aileron bell crank. 

Notice, also, how I cranked the front pulley mounting bracket upwards about 10 degrees so the cable would travel up cleanly from the front spar pulley to the rear spar pulley. Since my front spar pulley brackets are of greater length than the plans design and I had to beat them with a rubber mallet to bend them, I decided to use thicker aluminum for them.

In the plans wing profile (RAF 48), the cable passes straight from the front pulley to the aileron bell crank.  No doubt someone has come up with a better solution than mine to this issue, which is created by the different side-profile of the AS 5048 center spars.  It seems like more than a few people are using rigid push-rods for controls these days, but I simply never considered using them.  Probably worth looking into when you build your KR.  The two extra pulleys cost me an extra $50 total and obviously add a little weight to the control system.  At any rate, I feel good that everything is attached cleanly and at straight angles.

I've finally purchased all my "real" control components, including turnbuckles like the one pictured above, shackles and control cables.  These particular pieces of AN hardware are expensive!

I'm fabricating all the aileron control elements at this point, getting the cables to the proper lengths.  I was happy with the smooth operation of the controls.  Once the stub wings are complete, I'll reinstall the cables, and use the turnbuckles to tighten everything up to the proper tension.

I used the "nico-press" system to create the loops in the cables--an easy and effective swaging method.